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David Craig
Local Artist

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Peterborough Hotels
Link to local b&bs, inns etc

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Biography Canada
John Gaskin, and
the iron lion which
guarded his home.

Kingston Link
613 542-2261 only
Alexander Henry B&B
55 Ont. St,
Stay on board ship!

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Vintage Brockville
Vintage Brockville, Prescott and the region

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Kingston Restaurants
(613) 384-0793 or

Netcities Link
Sask. Ancestry
Vintage maps, links,
webblog on communities,
ancestry, and history.

Kingston History
Garden Island
Shipbuilding Article
Kingston, Ont
A great place to visit and a great place to live. Please visit us again as the Netcities Kingston hub begins to grow, and see what Kingston has on offer for you.
The Netcities
What are the Netcities? The Netcities are groups of city-centric websites which promote local history, local business, and communities.
Need Help?
There are many aspects of the Netcities that are still in development. Very soon we hope to have some topic-based Help available, and a tutorial of sorts to show what we are building.
Have you visited
Vintage Kingston?
You may end up visiting this web site more than once. Vintage photos are an excellent way to promote and preserve local history and culture.
Flexible Growth
The Netcities are built with flexibility, so that each city hub can determine the content which it promotes and shares.
3D2D Art Gallery
The Kingston online gallery is finally being created! We are taking submissions of artworks at 3D2D Art
These free pages will allow local artisans to freely promote a few of their pieces in a 3D art gallery displaying 2D artworks.
Community Groups
We would like to invite local groups, clubs and organisations to join the Kingston Netcities. The Netcities would like to offer a self-managed webpage for interested parties.
Community Pages
Battersea is online !
More Netcities pages will be coming. We are still working on many areas of the Network, and expect to have our main directories in place soon.
Templated Dynamic Websites
The Netcities are pleased to offer a TDW (Templated Dynamic Website) solution for local business. Our basic template on a three year plan is very affordable.

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every font free

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Online Dictionary Site
Vintage : ...representing the high quality of a past time...

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Modern Taxi
Serving Kingston
for over 70 years.
Visit our site for details!

Netcities Arts
Ontario Hooking
Craft Guild

The Limestone Loopers (Kingston)

Kingston Restaurants
Windmills Cafe
Princess St.

Kingston Restaurants
The Pilot House
Reknowned Fish and Chips

Kingston History
Seeking Photos
Kingston Drydock